Bedroom Makeover Ideas

March 30, 2019 By James L. Weaver

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Right now, at a time when the still much shorter days with much darkness and dreariness make everyday life even more difficult for us, we long for a special cosiness in our own four walls. If you don’t like the design of your bedroom as much as we do now, or if you want a breath of fresh air and new impulses in your home, now is the best time for a bedroom makeover. Mattress City give you here many tips and numerous ideas to the hand, which you can use as help and inspiration.

Bedroom Makeover – Planning and Concept

Good planning and a coherent concept lay an important foundation for a successful bedroom makeover (sometimes also written make-over) or a successful bedroom renovation. Before it can be determined what, when and in which form is to be implemented in the new or redesign of the bedroom, it must be defined where the “journey” is to go at all. Concretely this means to make exact thoughts about the objective of the makeover? What is to be achieved? How should the bedroom be used in the future? Will the use of space in the future differ from that of the present? What should be adapted or newly furnished for this reason?

Use and functions of the bedroom

In earlier times, the bedroom was used only to retire at the end of the day to sleep or to indulge in togetherness. In addition, the room was usually used to store the wardrobe, often with an entire wall occupied by a large multi-door wardrobe.

Nowadays this has changed a lot. – Today, the modern bedroom is often a place of retreat, a hotspot for personal development and a wellness area. When building a house, it is often the case that the bedroom is merged with the bathroom and the accommodation of additional facilities such as a sauna or infrared cabin provides an additional wellness factor. In total, a larger area is allocated to this complex of the apartment and there is usually an open room design with flowing transitions between the individual functional areas. The wardrobe as a piece of furniture has often had its day in this context in order not to impair the atmosphere in the room. Instead, there is a walk-in wardrobe or a separate wardrobe to store clothes, shoes, accessories and all the other things that need space.

If you don’t have a home with the prerequisites for creating such a multifunctional sleeping and wellness area and don’t even want to start building a new house for a complete bedroom makeover, you can still ensure in one way or another that the bedroom can be used in a more diverse way. In addition, many small things can give the room more atmosphere and cosiness.

Moodboard – collecting ideas and concretizing goals

Moodboard as basis for the planning of the bedroom makeover. A useful aid for a successful bedroom makeover is the creation of a moodboard. The term moodboard is derived from the English language, where “mood” means “mood” and “board” means “blackboard”. Moodboards are usually used in professions in the communication and design industry. They are used, among other things, for development and presentation purposes.

A moodboard is simply a collection of images that visualize a certain topic, idea or idea. In addition to images, a moodboard for interior design can also include color cards and material samples.

With the help of the moodboard it is easier to grasp different things in context and e.g. to determine whether they harmonize with each other or not. With the help of the mood board, the mood conveyed by the different colours, patterns, furniture and home accessories can be recreated in theory, so that one can better decide whether the planning for the bedroom makeover is going in the right direction or whether individual elements should be replaced by others.

Moodboards can also be created in the form of pin boards or magnetic boards, or digitally as image collages.

Bedroom Makeover – Style and Colors

In interior design, the furnishing style plays just as important a role as the choice of colour. In addition, style and colour should support and match each other. A cosy country house look in combination with bright neon colours, for example, can hardly be staged.

As already indicated, in addition to the desired style or living concept, the choice of colours plays a major role in bedroom design or bedroom makeover. Here, too, there are many different approaches that can be pursued. For example, you can limit yourself to one colour in different graduations, to neutral colours (white, black, grey), combine colours from one colour family or use two harmonious or even contrasting colours. If you want to deal more intensively with the topic, you find to the color choice for the sleep area in the magazine also its own article: What colours do I choose in the bedroom?

To help you find your way around better, we have also compiled a small test which, in addition to the colours that suit you, also provides further information on the design of your bedroom:

Which colours match my apartment and my bedroom?

There are four possible answers to each of the following questions. Please choose as spontaneously as possible the answer that best suits you. At the end of the test, you will receive an evaluation based on the answers you have chosen, with a recommendation for a suitable colour concept for your bedroom.



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