Physical fitness in only 4 hours

August 6, 2018 By James L. Weaver

Physical fitness in only 4 hours

With 4 hours to the finish line? Yes of course!!!!!

Today everything should go fast, it seems best to achieve maximum results with little effort. Let me give you an example of efficiency:
A week has 168 hours. Suppose you only invest four hours a week in sports, ideally a mix of strength training and endurance sports. Now you have 164 hours per week left.

164 hours in which you will be more efficient
164 hours in which you look better
164 hours in which you are healthier
164 hours in which you feel better
164 hours in which you are more stress resistant
164 hours in which you know you have worked actively for your health (conscience)

Invest four hours and then spend 164 hours on it, that’s what I call effective. Which, of course, you should also bear in mind: Proper training also means having fun in training. In my many years of work, I have often experienced how clients have developed from sports mufflers to sports cannons.

Sport versus movement

In my opinion, the sport is an indispensable basic element for a high quality of life. I consciously call it a sport and not a movement. There is a big difference between these two terms: While pressing the remote control is part of the movement, the sport is characterized by a decisive intensity. Sport changes your body – exercise does not necessarily.
Sporting training is targeted and a positive result requires an effective training stimulus. This effective training stimulus is responsible for the change in your body. Your muscles become stronger, your condition improves and your coordination skills improve. In short: you will become more efficient.
All this only happens when you exceed a certain limit, your body adapts to these stresses.

Example strength training:

As you lift the weight, your muscles become bigger and stronger – provided the intensity is right. If you do five pushups a day, even though you have the strength for ten repetitions, your body will not change. To increase your muscle strength and change your muscle tissue, you have to push yourself to the limit. In this example, this means that you are doing everything you can to complete eleven repetitions.

Why Strength Training?

Because your muscles are challenged and thus become more powerful through targeted strength training. A powerful musculature is a basis of (almost) every sport. Whether you are climbing, playing basketball or triathlon. Only when your muscles are trained will you have the necessary power. The better your muscles are trained, the more “PS” you have.
Because strength training can increase your muscle mass. No, this does not necessarily have to end in bodybuilding. More muscle mass means burning more calories 24 hours a day. This effect is worth its weight in gold for losing weight or stabilizing body weight!
Because strength training is an optimal way to shape your body. Muscles are firm tissue that you can tense and that gives your body a great silhouette.

Example endurance training:

If you regularly run longer sessions or cycle, your endurance performance will increase – provided your heart rate and duration are right. Walking three times a week (e.g. with your dog) is great for your pet. You too can breathe fresh air and let your soul dangle. Do not expect any physical improvement in the form of increased condition! Unlike strength training, you do not train at the maximum load. Rather, the correct heart rate and duration are crucial for your training success. In this example, this means that equipped with a heart rate monitor, you run at a certain pace (regardless of your dog).

Why endurance training?

Because this type of training is a milestone for your health. Your cardiovascular system will be in top shape and your condition will be in front of you. That means climbing stairs, hiking and cycling without pain and shortness of breath.
Proper endurance training turns your body into a fat burning machine. The muscles built up by strength training then burn unpleasant body fat very effectively.
Endurance training is also a conditional basis for other sports. What good is a great tennis technique if you gasp for air after the first set?



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