August 6, 2018 By James L. Weaver


Traveling in the past and today – Has so much really changed?
When HolidayCheck recently gave me the cool idea to follow a journey of my parents before I was born, and to get to the bottom of what has changed so much since then, I was immediately on fire: Such a “time travel” is really something completely different and a super exciting topic!

Travels in former times and today boat dock Konstanz

– In the early’80s: My parents at the ferry terminal on Lake Constance –

A time travel in the footsteps of my parents
It was not that easy to find a suitable destination for me to follow, because I would like to recreate three photos of my parents in striking places. I immediately notice two differences from today: First, so many destinations are not available (at least for my parents). In the past, you didn’t just fly to Cuba, New York or Singapore.

The second difference: There were also simply not so many photos, on which my parents are to be seen at known places, which I could recreate. Of course, not as much was taken in the past as it is today in the age of smartphones and digital cameras. Do you remember the film reels for the analog camera with either 12, 24 or 36 shots? Depending on the length of the planned holiday, you had to know beforehand how many pictures you wanted to take! The photos themselves could only be seen one week later after they had been picked up from the drugstore. Oh, man, those were the days, right?

But now back to the journey: Despite the rather small selection, there was one very cool goal: For me it’s September, following in the footsteps of my parents, to the beautiful Lake Constance and to Constance!

Ferry trips in former times and today Konstanz

– My mum on the ferry from Constance to Meersburg –

The preparation of the trip alone is quite different
While sitting here in front of my laptop and looking for a nice accommodation with good reviews at Lake Constance, I have a thought: How did my parents do that over 30 years ago, without the possibility of an online booking? Did they go to the travel agency especially for every question?

After a short phone call with my mum, it turns out that they just drove off in the direction of Lake Constance. Without booking accommodation in advance. In the small villages around the lake, they were very lucky to find houses with a “guest room sign” on the front door, then simply rang the bell and asked for a free room.

Travels in former times and today boat moorings

– My dad “somewhere” at Lake Constance –

Traveling in the past and today: things don’t always run smoothly
Once, my mum tells me with a smile, it actually went a bit wrong, because even after hours of searching there was no free room left: Holiday time! Finally, the four of them (my aunt and uncle were also with them) had to share a mini room and two people had to sleep on an air mattress on the floor.

After we hang up, I’ll just think about it: I find the story super funny (and experiences like that turn into cool memories that you can always laugh about later on), but I think I would just be super annoyed if I had to spend hours on site looking for a place to sleep, when I would much rather explore Lake Constance. But I have to admit that I am totally the planning mouse when preparing a trip. I always pre-book everything, I can’t help it.

What do you think? Doesn’t such spontaneity make you much freer than a completely pre-booked and planned trip? Or, as so often (and as in other areas of life), is it the balance, the golden mean that needs to be found?

Travels in former times and today Mainau Island Constance

– Refreshment on the flower island Mainau – is this still allowed? –

What is there to see on Lake Constance?
While I sit here in front of my laptop, browse through various articles from various travel bloggers for the best “Bodensee insider tips”, and save the reports for later, for offline reading, in the appropriate app, another thought inevitably comes to mind when planning my journey from earlier and today:



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