Vertical Jump Test

January 30, 2019 By James L. Weaver

Vertical Jump Test

An athlete’s upright Dive is a milestone in his sporting activities job; in sporting activities like basketball as well as volleyball, the gamer with the greatest dive is one of the most feared rating victor and also protector of all. For Generations, people have actually been attempting to identify methods of boosting the explosive power of a person’s upright dive. Other than the fantastic bout on unlocking the limits, it has also been a problem gauging the accurate development of a person’s upright jump during his training.

Wall Nut

One of the most fundamental way of measuring the height of a person’s vertical jump is by standing next to a wall surface while elevating among your hands as high as feasible, feet existing flat on the ground; after that, placed a line or pen on the pointer of your finger. This is known as the “standing reach”. Put oil or powder at the idea of your fingers then jump a number of times and touch the wall surface so notes would certainly be left to show your highest reach upon jumping.

Step the distance in between your standing reach as well as the acme you have actually made. This is the height of your vertical jump.


Some individuals use a more clinical as well as accurate method of measuring the upright dive, by utilizing a pressure pad, laser light beams as well as kinematic equations. This is determined by taking note of the moment an athlete can finish a jump prior to he falls back to the ground. The formula for this is h = g * t2/8, where (h) is for height, (g) is for the pull of gravity which amounts to 9.81 m/s2 or 32.2 ft/s2 as well as (t2/8) for the time an athlete can finish the dive from the ground and also back to the ground in nanoseconds.

This equation if usually calculated by a software application installed to a computer system where the stress pad and laser beams are linked.

Infrared Laser

This is also an accurate means of determining the upright jump of a player, where he is required to stand as well as enter between two infrared laser airplanes facing each other. How does it function? Well, not as made complex as computing kinematic formulas; in fact, it simply functions like jumping beside a wall as well as deducting your standing reach off your optimum jump reach. The only difference is that first, it is using infrared laser beams as well as 2nd, it is a means whole lot more costly than the routine jump and get to next to the wall.

Whatever technique it is you are using, as long as you make sure that your vertical is acquiring increasingly more power as well as you can really feel that there actually is progression in what you are doing, you are certainly obtaining someplace. Question is, are you? If you are not rather sure that there is ascension in your vertical dive training, I would certainly suggest you to look for assistance from vertical dive professionals or simply visit your local Athletics Facility to get started with your routine.



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